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Here is a list of F.A.Q.S
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What beans will you be sending are they different every time?
We follow different earth cycles and also our master roaster selection of the month, every month we will be sending a different type of beans.
Is this coffee ground or do I have to grind my own?
To maintain freshness we send you the WHOLE coffee bean you will have to grind your coffee at home if you are new to grinding coffee we recommend the following grinder it is very inexpensive:
Can I return the coffee?
Unfortunatelly not at this time.
How often do we ship?
Your Shipment will go out on the 5th day of every month
Can I pause my subscription
Yes you can reachout to our support center to cancel anytime
Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes you can reachout to our support center to cancel anytime
How do I get Charged?
Once a month you will be charged for the ammount of bags your purchased, the charge will be made once monthly on the day you subscribed
Can I get reimbursed before shipment?
Only if you let us know 10 days in advance, cutoff date to reimburse next month's shipment is the 25th of the month